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Chief Keef and 6ix9ine Beef

Chief Keef and 6ix9ine Beef

Keef and Tekashi Beef Breakdown

Many are wondering what actually started these two rap icons to clash head on. The two technically had no motive behind it other than Tekashi directly mentioning Chief Keef and Lil Reese after video calls between Lil Tadoe and 6ix9ine. It was on a video that went viral with Tadoe stating “I Kill People”. After that statement 6ix9ine started to add more to his controversy book and sent shots to Chief Keef and Lil Reese. At first Keef and Reese seemed as though they weren’t going to respond at first, but recent events may alternate their decisions.

On Saturday 06/02/18 reports from New York City infected the Internet with reports of a shooting at the W Hotel in Times Square around 6 in the morning. Shots were fired at Chief Keef but the shots missed. The shooters seemed to be aiming at the building to more so scare Chief Keef or they had really bad aim.

The police stated they discovered shell casings at the scene and went further on to saying they were looking for 2 black males in hoodies who were seen at the scene.

6ix9ine Under Investigation

The rapper is reportedly under investigation by the NYPD for his possible involvement in the attempted shooting of Chief Keef, TMZ reports.

NYPD reportedly has two male suspects in custody after obtaining surveillance video of the attempted shooting. Police say the two men stalked Keef the night of the incident, following him from a local restaurant to the hotel. Then opened fire.

6ix9ine has denied any involvement in the shooting, and authorities confirmed that he was in Los Angeles at the time of the shooting. Without a doubt, authorities seem to think he may have ordered a hit on Chief Keef.

Checkout video here.

Many believed that Sosa was in New York to confront the tekashi, but he was scheduled to be in town for business.

6ix9ine wasn’t anywhere near NYC, instead, he was miles away on the Internet from Los Angeles, talking and adding more mixture to the pudding.

Chief Keef was seen in LAX terminal returning back to Los Angelos, TMZ caught up with him. When they tried questioning on the situation at bay, Chief Keef he simply responded with a motion to say that he will not tell and the continued to say “Fuck the opps.”

Is Tekashi Done With His Controversy Acts?

Recently Tekashi posts a video on how XXXtentacions death effected his life. The rapper goes on to speak on how his trolling on the internet has gone to far and how tomorrow isn’t promised. Was this his way of saying he’s done causing mayhem?

Video Of Tekashi Apologizing?

Video Of Tekashi Apologizing?

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