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Born and raised in Covington, Kentucky located outside Cincinnati, Ohio SK1 is no stranger to the music industry. Having a passion for music, he had his first cut with “Little Man” James Marshall in 2004. That was the beginning of great things for Skudda100. After his first cut, he hooked up with Royal-T and did a show with them for the homeless of Covington, Kentucky. The mayor, Denny Bowman, had a special dinner for the group to show his appreciation for the clothing and food drive that the group did for the people. After that, “Talent the Champ” also known as Kateeb Hunter picked up Skudda100 and became his first Producer. Working with Kateeb, Skudda100 performed at the Black Family Reunion, in 2005. Following the Black Family Reunion, Skudda100 did a performance at Shakers Club and met “Rock” the CEO of RA RA Entertainment. That meeting would bring to the table a contract with Def Jam records. After touring with other artists with Def Jam, Skudda100 came home to Kentucky and signed with Stuntaholic Records and created his first album “KY Hustl’N” in 2007. Following that album release, Skudda100 did several performances with Black Jackk including New Years Eve 2008 at the famous Annie’s Night Club on Kellogg Avenue. Skudda 100 has opened up for artists such as Soulja Boy, Baby from Cash Money, and Yola the Great. After a short break from music, Skudda100 is back and going strong. Intent on becoming the next best artist to break out of Kentucky, Skudda100 gives you a performance that is hard to beat.

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Tara Adams

I am a 29 year old Freelance Writer Born in Fayetteville NC. I have a 4 year Philosophy Degree from Strayer University. Music and Writing are 2 of my favorite things.

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